Learning to Fly: An Uncommon Memoir of Human Flight, Unexpected Love, and One Amazing Dog by Steph Davis

Steph Davis has a pretty good life- she’s living life on her own terms, climbing when and where she can, is known in the climbing community, has sponsors, has a book coming out, and is married to a climber- a man who she loves and shares a passion with. Life is good for Steph- until her husband makes a controversial climb in a national park- and life quickly spirals out of control. The media runs with the story, the climbing community forms opinions, and many of Steph’s sponsors drop her. With her husband being unable to deal with the media fallout- the stress not only takes a toll on her marriage- it takes a hammer to her marriage- and breaks into a million pieces.

Steph, trying to regain her life- trying to pick up the pieces of herself, to find herself- begins to do something she said she would never do: skydive. It goes against everything in her climbing mentality; but since her world has been shattered- climbing has not been the same for her. She needs to find a way to get back to herself, to get back to a good place. With Fletch her dog and learning to skydive- Steph begins slowly picking the pieces of life back up and learning that she is stronger than the situation that broke her.

As she gains more confidence with her sky-diving abilities, Steph knows she also has to begin climbing again- that she has to regain the good feelings she associated with climbing before everything happened. With the help of friends and Fletcher- Steph explores a new world and puts a new perspective on her old world. She learns about trusting herself, trusting the choices she’s making. And she learns that even after life has been twisted around- even after your confidence and trust has been shaken- that with help from friends, sheer will and determination- that life can be good again. That life can be filled with adventures, friendships and love.


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