The Mermaid of Brooklyn by Amy Shearn

Jenny Lipkin, mother of 2 girls, married to Harry. Living in Brooklyn. Struggling with her life as a mother of 2 young girls- feeling overwhelmed most days. One day, asks her husband Harry to pick up some cigarettes- and he doesn’t return. And that is the beginning of Jenny’s life changing.

If Jenny thought she was overwhelmed earlier- well, without the help of Harry- life begins to spin in ways that she never thought possible. Her in-laws wonder where Harry is, her kids want to know, and her friends as well. On a day that should have been a normal day, just a day where her mother in law watches the girls and Jenny has a bit of a break- she makes a deciscion that alters Jenny’s life in some dramatic; yet honestly truthful ways.

Jenny’s ally, a ruesalka, makes Jenny take a look at her life- a look at her role as a wife and mother. Through the ruesalka, Jenny has to reassess her perception of motherhood, marriage, and relationships with friends and family. Through this, Jenny learns about herself, life lessons, and happiness.

Jenny’s role as a mother, her interactions with the kids, her thoughts that she’s afraid to tell others- it’s a refreshing and honest look at motherhood. Amy Shearn does not sugar-coat the emotions  a mother of 2 young children could feel- it’s a story that mothers should read; however, it’s a book that others can enjoy as well. The Mermaid of Brooklyn combines wit, life lessons, and learning about yourself into one delightful book.

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