Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Cheerleaders. The girls who yell “Go Team”, paint their faces, and shake pom-poms all the while with big smiles and team spirit. If that’s what you think cheerleading is all about- Dare Me by Megan Abott is going to shatter that thought process in minutes.

Addy Hanlon has always been second best to Beth, her best friend, in cheering. Beth is the captain and Addy is the Lieutenant- and that’s the way it’s been for ages. The other girls on the squad don’t try to mess with the dynamic becasue Beth is that powerful, that in charge and cool and calculating. Enter Coach Collete French. She’s the new coach and is hungry for success- wants to take the squad to regionals. She wants the squad to be more than sexy pom-pom shakers- Coach French is determined that these girls will be the best. First step? Shake up the routine. Eliminiate the cheer captain position.

This starts the secret war between Beth and Coach French. But Coach French unknowingly adds fuel to the fire by taking an interest in Addy’s cheerleading talents-pushing her to be better, to really work at being the best cheerleader she can be. As the book goes on, the reader learns just how far Beth will go to be not only the #1 cheerleader; but also to be Addy’s best friend.

A psychological thriller- and just when the reader thinks they know what’s happening- another twist. Filled with teen angst- lying cheating, bullying, and more. After reading Dare Me– you’ll never look at a cheerleader the same way again.

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