The Next Time You See Me by Holly Goddard Jones

When Gillian Flynn, a writer who has quite a way with the words when it comes to mystery and suspense, gives a blurb for the book- it sets a readers mind to a certain way. Holly Goddard Jones book, The Next Time You See Me, does not disappoint. It’s got all the makings of a creepy, suspenseful mystery.

Set in a small southern town, the book focuses on the lives of several residents and they ways they are connected. Susanna, a young wife, teacher and mother- married to a band director at the high school. Emily, a student of Susanna’s and a socially awkward teenager. Wyatt, a factory worker who fears he’s let his life slip away with nothing really to show of it. And Tony, a former star athlete who has a connection to Susanna that not everyone is aware of.

A body is discovered by one character around the same time that Susanna begins to suspect that her sister, Ronnie, is missing. Is the body that was discovered Ronnie? Not many folks are taking seriously the possible disappearance of Ronnie because she’s the type of woman who would leave for a few days without telling. As the story unfolds, the reader begins to see how each person is connected to one another and how October 23 is a fateful day for many of the characters.

The Next Time You See Me connects the characters of this small-town in such a believable way. The reader is completely immersed in the life of the characters: their wants, desires, secret struggles and regrets. The storyline is filled with mystery and suspense- the reader not only wants to know what happens; but has to know.

Recommened for readers who like suspenseful mystery books. For readers who like books that have several characters who are connected in ways that are not apparently obvious. For readers who enjoy a book that can lead to long discussions of motivations of characters.

Thank you, Touchstone Books, for supplying this review copy. All opinions expressed above are mine only.

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