Gods of Mischief:My Undercover Vendetta to Take Down the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang by George Rowe

Motorcycle gangs are something that have been around for some time. There are different groups and some are more known than others. Each group has their own colors, patches and rules. The Vagos are one particular motorcycle gang that is proud to wear the “one-percenter” patches ( in reference to the fact that 99% of motorcyclist are law-abiding citizens- it’s just 1% who are not).  The story of George Rowe and his vendetta to take down the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is a story of grit and determination.

Meet George Rowe. He’s a boy that grew up in a tough world. He’s just a man who has an outlaw past. He’s spent his time in jail- some for minor offenses; some for major. George is the man a person goes to for drugs. He makes money, spends money- does drugs, sells drugs. Can’t pay for your drugs? No problem- George will haul your belongings off. Sex for drugs is another form of payment. Life is going until George (with the help of others) sees that his life is not what he wants. He gets clean- and decides to start paying back his town for all his hell-raising past. With George’s past and the fact that he does enjoy motorcycles makes him attractive to the Vagos; but George does not want a part of that type of life.

Until the night George walks into Johnny’s Restaurant- a friend of his, David, is having a baby-shower. Some Vagos come in and want the pool table that David is playing at- and when he refuses to hand it over, words are exchanged. Which leads to David making the biggest mistake- he knocks out a Vagos member. After he left the hospital- he was never seen again.

George was tired of the Vagos ruining the town- and he felt it was his duty to bring down the Vagos. Enter the ATF. George begins working for them. He starts hanging out with the Vagos, looking to become a prospect; then a full-fledged member.

Over a course of 3 years- George goes from an outsider to a full-fledged Vagos member. He gathers information, reports to the ATF, and tries to make sure that his cover is not blown. It’s 3 years of determination, grit,  hard times and wanting to do the right thing- all the while worrying that he will get killed. Gods of Mischief is George Rowe’s tale- a tale of motorcycles, outlaws, crime, and much more. It’s also a redemption story for George- but in the end was it worth it?

For fans of non-fiction- this story is a tale that will expose the reader to the outlaw world. A world of drugs and sex. A world where men make their own rules.

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