Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes is a book that is touching- it’s heartfelt and quite an enjoyable read. However, Me Before You does have sadness- sadness that makes the readers hearts hurt; but the reader will not regret the book. This book is a love story- a beautiful love story. It’s not a typical love story- it’s so much more.

Louisa Clark, a young woman, has just been let go from her menial job- however, it’s a job that she loves. Louisa is proud of her tiny existence-steady boyfriend, lives with her family, has never been further than the area she lives in. She’s fine with that. She lives a small life and cannot see it any other way. Will Traynor, though, has been used to living a big life- traveling extensively, mountain climbing, having his pick of women, a job that he not only loves- but that he is successful at- which defines his personality. Will Traynor knows that life is for the living- and he intends to make the most of it; until the accident. Paralyzed and depressed- Will is not sure that life is worth living- if he can’t live like he did.

When Louisa takes a job being Will’s caregiver, she is put off by his attitude and ways. Will apparently feels the same way for some time. Though, with time, they get to know one another and see the good in each other. Each day, the two grow closer to one another- Louisa tries to get Will to see that life is worth living and Will tries to get to Louisa to see that being complacent about life is no way to live. Will wants Louisa to be out experiencing life- traveling, experiencing, going to events.As their time together continues, each makes an impact on the other one. Louisa thinks she has found a way to make Will see that life can be good in the chair- that life does not have to be over because he is paralyzed. Will, though, does have some hard lessons for Louisa about life and love.

Me Before You– a tale that is meant to be read and enjoyed. The reader will laugh and cry- experience a rush of emotions. When the last page is turned and the book is closed, the story of Will and Louisa- the journey they take the reader on, the lessons they teach, the feelings they share- will stick with the reader. And, for a writer, I think that’s the best thing.

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