What goes better together than books and chocolate? Wine & Books!

Picture this: You’re sitting at home and have plans for a reading night. Maybe you have a cozy warm blanket nearby or candles lit (if you are like me- I have a pillow to lay my head on, blankets nearby to stay warm and cozy, and usually a mug of hot chocolate to drink). But there are nights when the hot chocolate is not enough- sometimes I want a glass of wine to sip and savor as my mind enjoys a literary treat. For me, this means wishing and hoping I still have a bottle of wine somewhere; anywhere or can make it to the store to buy one.

But what if you picked a bottle of wine based on the book you were reading- and not on just whatever you had in the house or the cheapest bottle you find at the store? This is what today’s post at She Reads is all about: pairing bottles of wine with books!

Be sure and check back at She Reads often- as Caitlin will be picking the perfect bottle of wine to make the She Reads monthly book pick even more enjoyable- Think along the lines of “C’est Magnifique”- which I hope is all you say “it’s magnificient” (side note: it’s times like this that I really wish I had the foresight to master at least 2 other languages- besides the New Orleans style langauge that I wished I spoke!)


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