Kimberly Brock and Holidays (in her own words)

Can Kimberly Brock get any more amazing? The girl writes a great book (The River Witch), has the fantastic Joshilyn Jackson write a blurb for it (OMG- really?!!!) and then just has even more amazingly wonderful things happen: Amazon picks the book twice for special sale price/promotion, readers and bloggers are raving about this book, Kim does a fantastic The River Witch tour with Anna Kline and Grits and Soul Band (good music!), and to top it off- she’s hard at work at her 2nd book. Might we say that 2012 was the year of Kimberly Brock and The River Witch?

Another blog, It’s Only a Novel, had the opportunity to interview Kimberly Brock as part of their 12 Days of Christmas. Kimberly is a beautiful writer- she takes the words and just polishes them to they shine and make an impact on you as you read- this is no exception. Read on for Kimberly Brock’s When the River Meets the Sea


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