Cozy Mystery Week: Joanne Fluke



In honor of Cozy Mystery Week- December 1-8, a different cozy author will be discussed.

Joanne Fluke, author of Hannah Swensen Mysteries, has 17 books in the series (the 18th will be released Feb 2013). Joanne Fluke has also written a cookbook of Hannah’s recipes.

In the debut book, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, the reader meets Hannah Swensen and the cast of characters of Lake Eden, Minnesota. Hannah is the oldest Swensen daughter and owns a a shop in town called The Cookie Jar.  Other characters: Delores (mother), Andrea (Hannah’s sister), Bill (Andrea’s husband & local law), Norman (son of Carrie- Delores’s best friend), Mike ( newly transferred local law).

In Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Hannah discovers the body of Ron Lasalle- a delivery man for Cozy Cow Dairy (also a beloved local legend for his football days) in an alley- Hannah is dismayed for 2 reasons: finding the body and the fact that her cookies were scattered around the crime scene. Hannah decides to investigate, partly to keep the reputation of her cookies intact, partly to help Bill get a promotion, and partly because Hannah wants to know what happened to her friend Ron.

Through the “invisible coffee server”trick, Delores’s gossip line, and other connections- Hannah finds suspects and eliminates some as well. Will Hannah find a suspect that can’t be eliminated? Will Bill get the promotion he’s been wanting?  To find out, read the book!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder is a charming debut. Hannah and the town of Lake Eden, Minnesota make the reader feel warm and happy. The way a cozy should feel.

As the books progress in the series, Hannah is pursued (and begins to date) two men: Norman and Mike. Over the last few books, there has not been much progress with either relationship- and the cozy series has lost some of it’s initial charm. If new to the series, do begin with the first book (Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder) and work from there.

4 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery Week: Joanne Fluke

    • It’s a pretty good series- the last few bks have been dragging some (imo), but the first several are quite good. I think you can buy several of her bks as ebooks for quite cheap (at least you could on Kindle- I’m sure it’s the same for Nook, tho)

  1. When I first bought my kindle I downloaded the first couple of Hannah Swenson books and loved the concept of including the recipes. I wasn’t entirely won over by the mystery element thought. They are nice and cheap so I might give parts three and four a chance though. Thanks for reminding me of them.

    • You’re welcome! I’ve enjoyed her books quite a bit- up to the last few and I felt some things needed shaking up. But the recipes- well most of them do sound quite delicious (even in the later books!)

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