Cozy Mystery Week: Ellen Byerrum


In honor of Cozy Mystery Week- a different cozy author will be discussed daily. Today’s is Ellen Byerrum, Crime of Fashion author.

Meet Lacey Smithsonian- a fashion reporter for the Eye Street Observer uses “fashion clues” to help solve crimes in the Washington, DC area. With the help of her friends, Stella and Brooke, Lacey finds herself solving crimes that leave the police scratching their heads.

In Lacey’s first book, Killer Hair, an up and coming hairstylist is found dead with a terrible haircut. The police think it’s suicide- but Lacey knows (because of the fashion clues) that a hairstylist does not kill herself with a hair cut like that. As Lacey probes further- she finds that the answer may be part of the Washington political set.

Each book finds Lacey using fashion clues to solve crimes, her friends Stella and Brooke, and a man named Victor Donovan that makes Lacey’s knees go weak. Another character is Lacey’s aunt’s trunk- filled with fashion designs from the 40’s- a fashion period that Lacey adores. The book also has Lacey’ s fashion columns for the Eye Street Observer- funny commentary on the fashion of Washington, DC and how to survive in a sea of blandness.

Ellen Byerrum has 8 Fashion Crime Mysteries published- her 9th book (Veiled Revenge) will be released February 5th, 2013.



4 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery Week: Ellen Byerrum

  1. Hahaha, I love the idea of someone knowing that someone knowing that stylist would never commit suicide with a bad hairdo. Will have a look to see if this is available in the UK.

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