Village Blend…..

Village Blend- the home of Clare Cosi (also her workplace!) Village Blend has been home to many people over the years- artists, writers and more- it’s a landmark in the Coffehouse Mystery series.

Cleo Coyle uses the letters in the alphabet to make beautifuly descriptive sentences to not only describe Village Blend, but to make the reader practically see Village Blend in their minds. After reading a book of hers, I always wish I could go to a place like Village Blend for coffee and treats.

Village Blend is not only a landmark in the Coffeehouse Mystery series- it’s essentially as much as a character as Clare. It’s the place where the characters gather for work, for investigating, for hanging out- it’s the kind of place that a cozy needs in the series. Familiar, comfortable, enjoyable.

Now if there was only a Village Blend close to me- I could be so happy reading books and drinking coffee!


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