Zeke- my “you tell your dog first” dog.

Reading Alison Pace’s book, You Tell Your Dog First, has brought forth a flurry of emotions: happiness, sadness and many more.


Alison writes of her love for Carlie and the antics that Carlie finds herself in. I love Carlie. Carlie is a happy little dog, a dog that comes into your heart and make a day seem brighter.However, as I’m reading You Tell Your Dog First– I’m reminded of my own recently deceased dog, Zeke. I try to focus on the good memories, but somedays I’m still beside myself.

While I’ve always had dogs, I learned at an early age that things can happen to dogs (getting hit by vehicles, eating the neighbor’s rat poison, and being dognapped) are just a few of the heartaches I suffered over the years. Then Zeke came into my life. He was my brother’s dog first, but over the years- he became more of my dog. Zeke was a boxer- a beautiful dog. Caramel colored, chocolate-y ears, and white places on his feet. When he loved you, you knew it. A doggy grin that stretched for miles, a bunny hop run when he was happy, leaning on you when he wanted some petting- while Zeke could not talk- he was clear in his requests.

Zeke was also a camera lover- and my personal model for many pictures. He would see my camera and begin to pose- sometimes looking away from the camera in a stoic, yet majestic way. Sometimes smiling that doggy smile. He even liked props- glasses, hats, and other things.

Zeke knew everything. He knew when I was happy, sad, mad, hurt. He knew when I needed to pet him to distract me from worrying or when I needed him to come over for a hug.

While sometimes it may have crossed that mind that I wished Zeke could talk, it was probably best that he could not. As we could have wrote a tell-all book. Not that he would have- becasue that was not in Zeke’s nature. He was protective of me and I was of him.

One day, I’ll have another dog. A dog that I’ll love. A dog that will get multiple pictures taken of. A dog that will have pillows and creature comforts.  But Zeke- Zeke will always be my original “you tell your dog first” dog.

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