My brother’s wedding…

Dr.Who Groom Cake

The day was a perfect day. Blue skies, nice temperature. Had been a 30% chance of rain (which was going to be a no-no for a beach wedding), but even that had decreased. The day my little brother became a married man was upon us, and the weather, the people, EVERYTHING was cooperating.

My brother and his beloved exchanged vows beginning at 5:30 pm on that September day. The crowd looked on as they gazed adoringly at each other. When the rings were to be given, the groomsmen looked a bit out of sorts- unbeknownst to the crowd- they had made a plan to do a little theatrical bit with the ring as they handed it from groomsmen to groomsmen- faces were made, “Tebowing” happened, someone pretended to throw it away- but finally, the ring made it to where it rightfully belonged. And seeing my brother and his groomsmen having a good time, that added something to the wedding. Because my brother, while he can be serious, does use humor a lot.

After the wedding, the reception was nice. The DJ played great music, and the bride and groom song was Eric Clapton’s “You Look Wonderful Tonight”. All in all, the wedding was quite a success. And I’m so pleased.

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