Nancy Drew….

Oh Nancy Drew- been around for years encouraging women to read and learn to like mysteries. My mom loved Nancy Drew when she was a girl, and so in our first mom-daughter bonding type of thing (at least in the world of reading) she checked out some Nancy Drew books for me. I enjoyed reading those Nancy Drew books, but where my mom hit the jackpot was when she bought the first five of Nancy Drew Case Files series. Now, that Nancy was something. She drove a Mustang, had these cool adventures- in the first few books, she solves a crime ring at Bedford Heights School, is in New York, then skiing in Connecticut (I think!), and takes a spring break trip to Florida-where she solves another crime. For a little girl who’d barely been out of the small town she lived in, this Nancy was a breath of fresh air.

Also- the book covers were so much cooler in the Case Files series. Nancy was sophiscated, her hair and clothes were so much cooler than the other Nancy Drew books at the library. This was a Nancy Drew that made reading, to me, so much better.

See the difference in the covers?

Nancy Drew Case Files


Nancy Drew (originals)

Now, as an adult, I have much respect for both covers- but as a kid- man, the Case Files were the way better looking covers (in my opinion!)

Any other Nancy Drew fans out there? If so, tell me your favorite book!



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