Melanie Toye- Entice Me (self-published)

With so many great books being published- I mean this summer alone, I could barely keep up with all the new books I wanted to read being published- some books get over-looked. I think if you have people who can and want to help you that really helps, but for the self-published author- I think it’s harder to find the audience for the book (however, I could be wrong in that thought).

So, spreading a bit of good karma and “paying it forward”, when I was asked to consider posting something about this book- I wasn’t sure what to say at first. But, I admired Melanie Toye’s gutsy attitude- she asked for what she wanted, and I applaud that.

*Full disclosure: I did not receive this book for interview purposes, nor have I read the book. I  did read the plot-line, thought the book sounded interesting.
The book is currently $2.99 on Amazon in the Kindle section. For more information on Entice Me, click HERE!

Melanie- I sincerely hope Entice Me is a huge success. Best of luck!

Interview with Melanie Toye

1. The book, Entice Me, is a catchy title. What inspired the title?
I was lying in bed one day and Entice Me just popped into my mind. I knew straight away this was the title for it. Although I had nearly gone with ‘Secrets Unravelled’ and originally ‘Desired Life’ I wasn’t completely satisfied that it was the perfect match. For me the hardest part in writing a novel was coming up with the enticing title (mind the pun).

2. Why did you choose to self-publish?
I spent a year and a half seeking out publishers. For a women’s read there are not many publishers out there for the genre. Also as a first time author it made it harder to break into the publishing scene. I came across Amazon and realised if I wanted to see my novel out there and pass on the inspiring message to readers to chase their dreams then this was my option. There have been many success stories for self-publishing on Amazon, so I thought well I tried the traditional way, not give this option a go?

3. People seem to have different and conflicting views on the idea of “chick-lit being dead”. What is your opinion? Is chick-lit still going strong, evolving, or ending?
Personally, I love chick lit. I love to sit down and just be entertained. I love feel good stories and who doesn’t love a sweet ending? If romantic comedies are still strong in the movie and film industry, then chick lit novels would still be going strong in the book world.

4. Sometimes a character is a reflection of the writer. Are any of the characters a reflection of you?
Absolutely. There are three main characters, Miranda, Grace and Louise. They are based on different aspects of my life. Miranda is like a girl next door, but a workaholic. It is so easy to get swept away into a career that you forget about living. Like Miranda, I was a recruitment consultant and worked long hours and regretted the time I spent away from my husband. Grace is the free spirit who won’t let circumstances tame her down. If she isn’t happy with a situation, she will move on. I am very much like this, nearly every year I would change jobs because I lost interest and was no longer satisfied. And Louise is a nervous wreck when it comes to social situations. Previously I have been nervous in new social environment (not to the extent of Louise) but it was a good basis to draw upon when building her character. Not only characters have been drawn from my life and personalities but even some scenario’s and scene’s from Entice Me have been similar occurrences that I have experienced.

5. Do you have a routine when you write? Or do you write more when inspiration strikes?
I don’t like to feel trapped by a routine; however I do have a goal of how many words I need to write a day. I can write at any time of day or night as long as I achieve my word count. I generally find early mornings or very late evenings are when inspiration hits me. I always ensure I have a pen and paper in every room of the house and in my handbag, because I have so many ideas in my head if I don’t write it down then it blocks any more coming through as I try to remember it. However I don’t just wait for inspiration, once I make it time to write, I just write whatever comes to my mind and let the editing process knock out the boring parts.

6.Your favorite book?
Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum series

7. Favorite band?
Music is such a motivator and energy riser for me. So anything that gets the heart pumping as I dance around the house in excitement. Don’t judge me on this one … but I am a huge ‘Pop and R&B’ fan. So anything by Britney Spears (I said don’t judge), Justin Timberlake, Usher … oh and the list goes on.

3 thoughts on “Melanie Toye- Entice Me (self-published)

  1. Many thanks again, I appreciate your support and time. When it comes to self publishing it requires the writer to promote, sell and market their own work. So I very much appreciate that you took the time to help another writer out. You have just helped me gain one step closer to achieving my dreams. I hope I can help you out to chase yours. Thank you xo

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