Did I mention that I finished Pride and Prejudice?

Yes, folks, a previous #literaryconfession of mine (never reading Jane Austen) is now a fallacy. False. Not true.

I have read a Jane Austen book. AND I liked it.

Pride and Prejudice, while at times, was a bit of a harder read than what I would have liked- ultimately was a great read. The romance, the language, the customs. Even more, while things may have changed in society- the book is still a relevant piece of literature.

Elizabeth was a woman ahead of her time in many ways and Mr.Darcy (eventually) was just the right kind of man to appreciate her. The proposal, the interactions between Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy- wonderful!

Additional thoughts on Pride and Prejudice can be found on Man VS Books Club website (I’ll post a link when it gets posted!)

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