Kimberly Brock “The River Witch” book signing

Kimberly Brock and her fantastic book, The River Witch, was the event at TurnRow Books in Greenwood, MS on August 14.  Kimberly did not come alone, though- she brought the fun group, Anna Kline and the Grits and Soul Band with her. The band played for a bit, then Kim spoke about her book and read a bit from it, and then Grits and Soul played a bit more before they headed to Webster’s to play for more music-loving folks.

If you’ve never heard Anna Kline and the Grits and Soul Band- the music is interesting and good. A little hard for me to describe exactly- kind of blues-y, folksy music- music that will make you sit up and take notice because it’s interesting. I highly recommend seeing them perform. Anna Kline told the crowd of how they got the name “Grits and Soul”- she said that some time ago seeing a James Brown album with the title Grits and Soul, and thought that was perfect name to describe the group. I have to agree with Anna, I think the name describes the group to perfection- as well as helps describe the kind of entertaining music a person will be hearing.

Kimberly Brock- her tweets are sweet; but she’s even nice in real-life. Discussing her book, telling of how many years she put into The River Witch, and describing the characters- she was totally in her element. She teased the crowd by talking of the meaning about The River Witch-saying she wouldn’t spoil it for anyone by telling who is a river witch (although there is certainly some contenders for that title) or even if there is a river witch! I like the ambiguity of the title, and I like how she didn’t spoil anything about the book- it’s a book that doesn’t need to have things wrapped up perfectly.

Me and Kimberly Brock “The River Witch”


Me and Erin from Deep South Magazine


Me and Anna Kline



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