Book Signings- Pros and Cons

I love going to book signings. Actually meeting the person behind the book that I’ve been reading is a pretty cool thing.

I’ve been to book signings where there are so many people, and I’ve been to signings where only a couple of people have attended (those are the ones that I feel terrible for the author- it must be disheartening to travel to the signing to only see a couple of fans!)

The larger ones are fun, but I usually feel like I’m being quickly paraded through when the crowd is large. I like smaller groups the best- where the author can discuss things about the books and give behind the scenes information.

What are your thoughts on book signings? Do you just want to get the book signed or do you like it when they have a reading either before or after the signing?

2 thoughts on “Book Signings- Pros and Cons

  1. Melanie says:

    I like the smaller ones as well, just seems more intimate, like a gathering of friends or a really cool book club.
    I think it’s awesome when the author does a little reading and adds their own anecdotes to it, it feels like they are letting you in on a secret.

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