Went to the library- came out with too many books….

Total #bookgirlproblems- going into the library and coming out with too many books. Yesterday’s visit: 2 James Patterson books, 1 Nancy Thayer, 1 Carol Higgins Clark, and 1 Janet Evanovich. Ok, 5 books- on the surface, not so bad- but, I have 3 other books from library that I need to read- plus a stack of books that I’m eager to read as well. I’m a book hoarder!

Next #bookgirlproblems- I’m still waiting on copy of The Rook by Daniel O’Malley that I requested eons (real time April 2012) ago from the inter-library loan. I’m feeling quite confident that the book will be on a bargain list before it comes in on inter-library loan.
A little Literary Friday teaser: I heard from a VERY reliable source that a certain book that I’ve been raving about will be on the Amazon Kindle Daily Deal Friday August 3rd for $1.99. Check here, check Amazon, check wherever on Friday to find out which book. And when you do find out- let the price be the deciding factor if you’ve been on the fence about the book- it’s worth more than a $1.99, but take advantage of the low, low, low price if you don’t have it. Even better- say you’ve read it and loved it, wanted friends to be able to experience the book. For the price of a $1.99, you can treat a friend to a book!

* I’m terrible at keeping secrets- so, the book has 3 words in title AND it’s by Kimberly Brock.



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