The Great Gatsby…..

As I confessed in a previous #literaryconfession, I’ve never read The Great Gatsby. With the movie coming out in December and the fact that I’ve never read it before, I decided to read it. I finished it today. Some of the lines in the book are quite good.

Not being really sure what to expect, I just went into reading with an open mind. I’m still deciding how I feel about the book, but I have some questions and thoughts. If you’ve read The Great Gatsby, please chime in!

1. Tom- he tells Wilson that Gatsby was driving the car that kills Myrtle;  was his true motivation because his mistress was dead and he saw a way to keep Gatsby away from Daisy OR was it because Daisy loved him and he loved her?

2. Daisy- at first I felt sympathy for her, for her character; but then- it was like whether she planned to have these 2 men fighting over her in New York or not, having them both together was not a good idea. Was she THAT clueless or that manipulative? Or am I reading the scene wrong?

3. Gatsby- for all that he was, all that he became and how he invented himself- in the end, few people were around to celebrate his life/mourn his death. Is that a telling view of society and how we forget people in death?


Overall opinion- I liked the book. I thought it was interesting and neat. I think if I had read it earlier, I’d probably not appreciated the intricacy of the book.

Thoughts on The Great Gatsby? Come on and spill them!

2 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby…..

  1. reading7mandy says:

    The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. If you’ve ever read anything else by Fitzgerald you’ll know that he is big on depression and money and betrayal. So in answer to question 1 I feel it was to keep Gatsby away from Daisy, that Tom was just being malicious. 2. It’s hard to find sympathy for Daisy and I do think Daisy is just being manipulative (as Fitzgerald does a lot of manipulative wealthy women as well). I’m not sure how to answer 3. It has something to do with death, but for me I always felt like it had to do with the choices and decisions that we make in life.

    • Thanks for the insight into the book. I’m still mulling over things about the book, it’s def a book that is good for a discussion.

      I have to agree with your interpretation of #3- at first I took it as being kind of sad that in death no one hardly would be at Gatsby’s funeral- when everyone was only so happy to be at his parties; but I wonder if he hadn’t made the choice to reinvent himself to Gatsby- would he have had more people at his funeral? It’s def all about the choices and decisions in life.

      Again, thanks for stopping by with your thoughts on The Great Gatsby- I always enjoy hearing what other people think!

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