The Sweet Life- The Wakefield Twins grown up!

Like many young girls, I read the stories of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield during my younger years. I was a big fan of the SVT books, but missed out on the SVH books. I, later, started reading Sweet Valley University.

When I saw that Sweet Valley Confidential was being released, I was excited- UNTIL I read the terrible reviews. But, SVC was on sale for 2.99 for Kindle a few weeks ago, and I read it. I didn’t hate it, either. I theorize that because I missed out on the Sweet Valley High books, I wasn’t subjected to as much re-writing of history as the fans of SVH were. Sure, sure, there were things that happened in SVU that were either dismissed or changed completely for Sweet Valley Confidential; but it was not that bad.

While reading SVC, I found out that The Sweet Life would be released soon- Elizabeth and Jessica are 30 and dealing with tons of things. I’m reading them as fast as I can get my hands on them. Part soap-opera, part nostalgia- these stories are great. The drama the twins face (and make!), Lila just owning the role of spoiled and shallow rich girl, the Bruce Patman story-line- it’s all got me hooked and reminding me that no matter how old I am, the Wakefield twins still provide entertainment.

What childhood books would you like to see with the characters grown-up? Do you think you would still love them? Or, as you age, do your tastes change in books?

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