Literary Confessions….

Last week I confessed to never reading Jane Austen or The Great Gatsby. So far, I’m working on changing the “never read Jane Austen” confession- I’m reading Pride and Prejudice and enjoying it.Eventually, I will begin reading The Great Gatsby.

This week my literary confession is: I’ve never read Gone with the Wind. I have watched the movie a gajillion times; but the book- never read it.
It’s a secret shame (well not so secret anymore), but I’ve always wanted to read it- I’ve just been intimidated by the size. I generally enjoy reading books around the 200-300 page size- a good quick read. I read longer books; but I still prefer the smaller books.

Gone with the Wind fans- book or movie better? Will the book just fly by as I get immersed in the story?  As far as literary confessions go- does not reading Gone with the Wind rank as “shocking” or “not a big deal”?
As always, I appreciate your thoughts- feel free to chime in.

2 thoughts on “Literary Confessions….

  1. I just finished GWTW a few weeks ago and it’s wonderful! It is long but the story moves along very well. Did you pick up Ellen Brown’s book about it at Booktopia? That was fantastic too.
    I haven’t seen the movie *yet*.

    • I did pick up Ellen B’s book (haven’t read it tho). I always wanted to read GWTW, but just never made time. That will change. I want to see the differences in movie/book.

      I LOVE the movie. I can quote lines from it, and see scenes and tell what’s coming up next. It’s a good movie- one that I like to watch a couple of times a year (although my mother could watch it every week!)

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