It’s a little thing called Double Decker Arts Festival- Oxford, MS

As much as I love summer (think sitting on beach, ice-cold drinks, beach reading, tan lines, too many good things to name), spring also holds a good place for me. It’s getting me close to summer and it’s the perfect time of the year for outdoor festivals. Enter Double Decker Arts Festival. Held every year in Oxford, MS on the historic square- it’s a fun event to go to. Combining art, kid’s stuff and music for the adults/collegians- it’s the kind of event that you do not want to miss.

Picture this: Walking onto The Square in Oxford. Vendors and tents everywhere- food and art vendors. People walking around and enjoying the ambience.  Music playing the majority of the day- local music, bigger bands for the later shows- if this is the kind of thing you like, prepare for a treat.

Did I mention it’s free? Oh sure, you have to pay for what you buy- but the music and getting into Double Decker is free. In the last couple of years, Double Decker has also had musical acts for Friday night before the Double Decker Arts Festival on Saturday. Generally, that is 10 buck admission-but worth it if you enjoy live music.

There is a real live Double Decker bus that does tours for a nominal fee. It’s something fun to ride and a memorable picture for people that like that kind of stuff.

There is so many kinds of art and crafts- it’s fun to walk through and look (plus, with Mother’s Day being just a few weeks later- it’s a great time to get Mom something).

If in the month of April, you are looking for something fun to do, consider Double Decker Arts Festival. It’s an experience.


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