Putting on my smart hat

I’m putting on my smart hat- I began reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice last night. Amazing how much smarter I feel by exposing myself to a different style of reading than I normally choose.

The writing style is different, but I’m enjoying it. Will I become a complete Austen fan- only time will tell; but the first few chapters have been enjoyable.

So, back to my title- while I’m not saying reading Jane Austen (or any classics) will make you smarter- what I am saying is this: Break free of the books you normally choose to read. Expose yourself to a different author, style, era. If you are just a fan of classics- consider newer books- while they may not have the charm of classics in language; they are still good books. If the books that are normally read are the newest ones, give a classic book a try. Put on your smart hat and experience a different viewpoint. The only thing you have to lose is the time you spent with the book- and that’s really never a loss.

What books do you read that make you feel like you have a “smart hat” on?

6 thoughts on “Putting on my smart hat

  1. Mine would be Pride and Prejudice! I feel like I discover a new word every time I read it! It’s good to hear you’re enjoying it too. It’s a classic story and definitely worth persevering with.

    • Glad you tried a different genre- sorry it didn’t work out! I think once we start trying other genres- it’s a lot of trial and error on finding books that speak to us.

      Thanks for linking back to my blog!

      • No problem – it was the perfect fit! I won’t give up trying different genres – there are plenty of good reads waiting to be discovered I’m sure. Hope you’re still enjoying P+P!

      • P+P is still being enjoyed- I just haven’t had the time to give it the attention it deserves with the other books I’ve been reading as well. But I’m def enjoying P+P!

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