Free The Books! Free The Books!

I live in a itsy-bitsy town- basically a one-horse town.  For years, I bought books- but due to space problems, I was having to slow down my buying. Then my brother gave me a Kindle- which helps. However, I decided to go really old-school and just borrow some books from the library.

Anyway, back in April my friend Keetha began talking about this book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and telling me I needed to read it. So a couple of weeks later, I put in a request at the library since they did not have it to borrow from inter-library loan.  Was told the book should arrive in a couple of weeks, and I’d get a call when it did. Weeks go by, I continue to check; but to no avail. Finally, the beginning of June and still no book. Come to find out the book was never requested officially.  So with great restraint (and because I’m thinking mistakes happen) I simply request the book again AND add the book The Rook by Daniel O’Malley (another Keetha recommendation). Again, I’m told a couple of weeks and the books will be here.

Today is July 10. The books are still not here. At this point, I’m going to be stubborn and not buy the books; because I should be able to request books and  have them arrive in a timely-fashion.

I’m not against libraries- I understand wait-lists, etc. I get that if I really wanted these books- I could go and buy them.  I’m standing firm on this issue, though. I’m getting these books through the inter-library loan OR some kind soul is going to drop them off for me in a fit of kindness.

So, my title is a bit cheeky- you see people waving protest signs over many other things (well I don’t because I live in a one-horse town; but I see it on TV). So while I’m not really the protest-type person, I’m waving my invisible sign that says “Free The Books! Free The Books!”



2 thoughts on “Free The Books! Free The Books!

  1. I feel your pain! So frustrating. I hope you’ll find both books worth the wait. 🙂

    You know, have you thought about getting a library card in Jackson? I think you can pay a fee if you live out of town and get one. As often as you’re down there, it may be worth it – something to think about!

    • It’s def been a frustrating thing.
      I’ve been considering paying the out of town fee for the library in Jackson or Madison (I think it’s like 25 bucks a year), but as much as I’m down there- I’m not always there during library hours ( unless they have extended hours). But it’s def food for thought.

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