I heart Bargain Books…

Walking in a store and seeing a stack of books on a table AND seeing a sign that declares them to be bargain books = me doing a happy dance! My happy dance continues as I actually find interesting books.

For me a bargain book section is usually when the power of the book cover will come in play (see here for a discussion on book covers). Sure, sure seeing hardcover books for less than 10 bucks (sometimes even less than 7!) is a big thrill and highly motivating for purchase; but the book cover plays a huge role. Truth be told, if I like the author- I’ll probably have the book already- it’s the authors that I’m unfamiliar with that bargain books are for. And they need a kick-butt book cover and a synopsis of book description that is enticing.

However, there are the times that I see the bargain book section filled with books that I love and have- so this is when my friends benefit. Seeing hardcover books for small amounts means I can give books to friends without much hurt to the pocketbook.

Bargain books are why my “to be read list” never seems to get smaller. Bargain books are also why I may have to invest in another bookcase. Three cheers for the bargain book, in my opinion!

What’s your opinion of bargain books?

Happy Reading!

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