Meeting Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus

This was a meeting from back before I decided blogging would be something I’m interested in doing. But, since I consider it fair to shine a spotlight on all authors I meet, I’m writing it now!

Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus, has a book cover that is magical and mystical to me. Even though the genre is not my usual cup of tea- something kept drawing me to the book (full disclosure: I have not read the book yet- this is what happens when you buy books faster than you can read them), and I knew at some point I’d buy the book. It just happened to be a fortuitous chance that I was in town the same day she was in Oxford on a Sunday. Imagine my delight and my joyous cry of “Heck yeah!” when I passed by Square Books during a delightful visit with a friend. We immediately made plans to go to the signing the next day before I left town.

On Sunday, walking in Off Square Books- they had popcorn cooked and drinks for us to enjoy while Erin weaved a tale of magic as she talked. My favorite part of her reading was when she spoke of the room with the jars that when opened would make you feel like you were elsewhere. When the Q&A part happened, I asked Erin “Who would she like to play her characters if The Night Circus was made into a movie?” Her reply was ” that she was not sure; she was more interested in costumes and set design if the book is made into a movie one day.” After studying the cover and how detailed it is- I can see why she’s more interested in the costumes and set design.

Erin Morgenstern


The Night Circus Book Signing


Check back one day (hopefully soon) for a review of The Night Circus!

8 thoughts on “Meeting Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus

  1. I love that she’s interested in costumes, and that would be a huge thing with The Night Circus from what I’ve heard. I think if I wrote a book that could become a movie I would be able to name actors and actresses anywhere haha. I would just be dreaming of that probably.

      • I once went to a poetry Q&A and the person next to me recorded the whole thing on her MAC and I thought…what a smart move, but still haven’t gotten it together enough to actually do that.

      • I usually have my notebook and a hand cramp by the end. I haven’t even remembered my camera a few times! And then the whole time I worry about what to say when I finally make it through the line.

    • No, she was there back in Oct 2011. I just wasn’t blogging then! Her book cover kept catching my eye, and I was in town visiting a friend- when I saw that she was going to be reading/signing- I was like YES!

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