In a perfect book world….

In a perfect book world, people would just accept that there is many forms to a book now and be accepting to the other forms. Of course, we don’t live in that type of world- we live in a place where the news of “e-readers” stir up some people’s fear of the “real” book leaving. While I cannot see in the future, I just don’t believe that it’ll happen.

However, I am growing weary of the thought process against Kindle or other e-readers- but before you want to argue; let me further explain. I live in a small town- super, itty-bitty, basically a dot on the map town. The nearest independent book store is 40 miles away. The nearest national chain is 75 miles away. The library, when I go to ask and check out books, half of the time they do not even have the book, never even heard of the book. Checking books out on inter-library loan is one of Dante’s 7 circles of hell things. I made do as much as I could- I bought mass-market paperbacks from Walmart, I loaded up on books when I went to book-stores; but still I hungered for more books. In came Amazon- with a simple point, click and buy- books were coming to my doorstep. Then came the day when I began to realize that if I bought physical books the rest of my life- one day I’d literally be the old lady who lived in a bookshelf. Then came the Kindle. I fought it at first, I did not want it, I was unsure about it- but my brother bought it for me. Slowly, but surely, I started liking it- actually enjoying it. It holds a charge for about a month. It holds hundreds of books, it’s light-weight, it’s font can be adjusted- it’s got many things about it that I really like. What I like the most, though, is the instant gratification of having a book in my hand.

For a girl who used to have to plan a way to get her books, the Kindle is a stroke of genius.

However, it’s not for everyone. And it’s not for me exclusively- I’ll probably always have a foot in both physical & e-reader world. I like having that choice, it gives me options. And for a girl who used to have little options- that is a delicious feeling.

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