Favorite Childhood Characters Growing Up….

As a kid, I loved the twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield- perfect size 6 with aqua eyes- they made me envious that I did not have a twin. I read the heck out of Sweet Valley Twins, but my mom would not let me read Sweet Valley High (she felt for a 3rd grader that the books might have more advanced topics than my 3rd grade mind needed). As the years went by, I never really did get into the SVH series- I went through a major Fear Street by RL Stine stint and Nancy Drew Case Files by Carolyn Keene. When I was in 9th grade, my mom gave me for Christmas the box set of the first 5 books from Sweet Valley University. I devoured the books over Christmas and was glad to see that the twins I loved so much as a kid, I still loved in my teen years.

Years later, seeing Sweet Valley Confidential was released last summer- with it being a hardcover, I decided to wait to purchase. Then it slipped my mind until I saw another blogger mentioning the book. It’s so dirt cheap price for Kindle, so I’m going to buy it and just see how terrible the book is supposed to be (hopefully, it’ll veer more toward the deliciously terrible as opposed to the just terrible-terrible!)

If I find it interesting, it’s going to be great news- because more books targeted for the older generation will be released. If it’s terrible, I’m out 3 bucks. It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

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