The Hollywood Cafe: Tunica, MS

Fried Pickles. Just looking at the words make me hungry. Actually getting to eat really good fried pickles is a treat. When I saw a place in Mississippi boasting “Home of the Best Fried Pickles” I thought to myself “Game on- let’s see how good these fried pickles are.” The Hollywood Cafe may be boasting some when they state they are “The Home to the Best Fried Pickles”, but they are not lying. Quite yummy and perfectly fried.

Now while the food at the Hollywood Cafe is something to rave about, the outside decor is not. It looks a bit run-down, but isn’t that the type of place where the food is usually pretty good? So park your car and walk in- order yourself the fried pickles and some other yummy foods.

The Hollywood Cafe is not only known for it’s fried pickles, it’s also known for the Marc Cohn “Walking in Memphis” song. Marc Cohn sings: Now Muriel plays the piano, every Friday at The Hollywood… If you’ve ever wondered where “The Hollywood” is, wonder no more. It’s in Tunica, MS. As you walk in, look to your right- there is a poster, some records, and other memorabilia on display.

The Hollywood Cafe

While in Tunica, after riding the riverboat, gambling and having a general grand ole time- go to the Hollywood Cafe. And get the fried pickles!

Hollywood Sign


Fried Pickles (Home of the Best Fried Pickles)


Marc Cohn "Walking In Memphis"


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