This is so me…

A friend of mine sent me this- she knows me too well! I’m very guilty of this. I make lists, keep my calendar updated when new books are being released- I’m all about some books!

My “to read” list never really decreases because I always find more to read.

I do a happy dance when my favorite authors have new books coming out.
My feet really tap-dance when I find an author that has several books already out, and I discover that I enjoy the books. Which means I don’t have to wait a year or so for a new book!




Elton John! Someone pinch me- I was in the audience!

Elton John

I never dreamed it possible that I would see Elton John in concert so near my hometown. I always felt that this would be a show that I’d have to go somewhere like Vegas to see. Needless to say, Elton John’s been on my “bucket list” for some time. And finally it happened. He performed the other night- played tons of my favorite songs.Watching him, listening to him play my favorite songs- songs that I still crank up at the house with a hairbrush in hand and dance around singing. It was great to see the concert and to check “Seeing Elton John live” off my bucket list!


Parasailing with Mom and Brother…..

Me, Mom, Brother getting ready to parasail

The brother of mine was getting married over the weekend. Both brother and mother wanted to parasail- and I was game for it- because I love to parasail. Love the feeling in the air, looking down at the water, feeling like you are so far away from everything. It’s a wonderful feeling.So all 3 of us went to Radical Rides- we had us a last adventure- just the 3 of us before he got married the next day. Me and my brother rode jet skis together for a bit, and did our pirate talk that only we can understand. Then hunger pains caused us to go to Surf Burger where we had a great little meal and took pictures. After that, it was off to parasail. The crew hooked the 3 of us up and took off- we floated through the air, laughing, talking, and creating a memory.

As I write this, my little brother is not just my little brother anymore. He’s a married man- with a wife and now life of his own. And while I’m extremely happy for him- it’s a bit bittersweet- because it’s a change. But, I’ll always have the memories of our last adventure together- our last adventure before he became a married man (and not just my little brother!)


Peabody Ducks- Memphis, TN

Peabody Ducks

The Peabody Hotel- a super nice hotel in downtown Memphis- known for it’s rooftop parties; but mostly for the ducks. Twice a day the ducks walk (once from their home and once back to the home).  Between those times, they play and pose for pictures in the gorgeous fountain in the middle of the Peabody lobby.

This is a free attraction and definitely a must-see if you are in the Memphis area. Be advised to arrive at the lobby early- people arrive early to get good seats to see the ducks march!



Organizing my books….

My books…Organized!

So after the disastrous search for Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, I decided that it was time to get some books organized. *Side note: The book still has not been found- I’m getting close to concluding that I did not buy the book- because books simply do not JUST disappear.

So last night, armed with a glass of cold, ice water- I began the process of getting the books organized. Hard cover in the back, soft cover in the front- books of same heights together (to allow stacking on top of those books). Then tough choices: If I did not just LOVE the book- the book did not get a place on this highly coveted shelf. It was relegated to the crate. Books that I had not read yet are on top of a table so they can be quickly found and read. Signed books (which I did not take a picture of )have a shelf in another place of their own.

I’m really generous about book recommendations; but I’m not too generous about loaning my books- I treat my books with love and care- not everyone else does. But if it’s a signed book- FORGET ABOUT IT! It’ll never get borrowed- that book is totally off-limits!

Now you may be looking at this and thinking “well that’s not too many books”- Remember: this is just a small area of my books. I have stacks in other places, as well. Looks like I need to be asking for another bookshelf!


Dog + Reading a Book = Adorable!

Zeke reading a book

I like to think I have the cutest dog in the world. He’s always got a big doggy grin, and he’s so happy to see me. My dog is the subject of many photos- as I’m learning how to shoot pictures in manual mode as opposed to just plain auto-focus.

Yesterday, he was being particularly adorable as I was organizing my library books. He kept looking at this one intently- so I just pulled the camera out and began snapping pictures. Then decided to add props. End results: This!

If he could talk- I’d like to think he would say “While I’m enjoying the Lizzy/Diesel storyline, I much prefer the Stephanie Plum series for this reason- I’m a total Team Cupcake!”

But realistically, he’d probably prefer being friends with Lula- especially in “To the Nines” when she was on the meat-eating diet- after all, having a best friend who carries meat in the purse- total heaven for the dog!





State Signs….


Georgia State sign


Part of the fun of road-trips is spotting the sign that says “Welcome to (insert appropriate state)”! It helps pass the time and it’s neat seeing what each state’s sign looks like. If I’m not driving, I try to get a pic of each sign to add to my scrapbook for documenting the road-trip adventures. Sometimes I’m successful and get great pictures; sometimes not so much.

Does anyone else do this? What other road-trip tricks do you have to pass the time in the car?



My survival pack for road-trips:

1. New CD

2. Fully Charged Ipod

3. Book or Kindle

4. Cooler with drinks and snacks (depending on length of trip & how many passengers)

5. A good night’s sleep, fully charged GPS, maps, and Google Map or Map Quest directions.