Literary Friday, ya’ll….

literary friday

Miss A is coming to the house this weekend- we have Gazillion bubbles, chalk and lots of sunscreen for our weekend together. I’m going to the grocery store tonight to get ice cream cones and Goldfish crackers for our snack after pool time 🙂

So, my weekend is booked- but hopefully, I’ll have a little time to spend with All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda (It’s a Katie at Doing Dewey’s June #FuturisticFriday selection and I’m pretty intrigued. It’s like a puzzle and I have a few pieces- but waiting on a few more to show up!) Nap time for Miss A will be reading time for T 🙂

On to Literary Friday…… Continue reading

{Book Spotlight} First Comes Love by Emily Giffin #SRC2016

may src

From the first time I was introduced to Rachel and Darcy, I make a point to re-read them every so often (to me, Emily has her finger on the pulse of the female friendships in those books). Out of all the books by Emily I’ve read, my faves are Rachel and Darcy books- but that might be about to change because First Comes Love has that “something” that I’ve been craving lately (at least in the early pages 🙂 Continue reading

#SRC2016: Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

src do't you cry


#BestSummerEver begins with a few things- nice weather, some vacation time, and a good book. Mary Kubica has you covered on the good book part- twisty, suspenseful, and just flat-out “I can’t put this book down till I know how it ends”- Don’t You Cry will entertain you and make you want to hand the book to your BFF and say “READ THIS.” Continue reading