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  Interviews with Authors 2013 Holly Goddard Jones, author of The Next Time You See Me 9-16-13 B.A. Shapiro, author The Art Forger 9-10-13 Dana Bate, author The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs 9-4-13 Emily Liebert, author of You Knew Me When 9-2-13 Denise Swanson, author of Murder of a Stacked Librarian 9-2-13 […]

Author Spotlight Archive

Author Spotlights are a fun way to get to the know the author behind the book. Easy and fun questions- favorite books, #literarycrush and #literaryconfessions are some of the topics covered. 2013 Author Spotlights Holly Goddard Jones, author of The Next Time You See Me 9-18-13 B.A. Shapiro, author The Art Forger 9-12-13 Dana Bate, […]

Randy Susan Meyers Answers: The Comfort of Lies questions

Ya’ll know for the last month we, Book Lovers Unite group, have been chatting away about Randy Susan Meyer’s latest, THE COMFORT OF LIES? A book that has characters than can be unlikable at times- a situation that connects everyone, and issues of trust, fidelity, love and what makes a mother a mother- this book […]

The Comfort of Lies- Week 2 Questions

It’s week 2 questions for Book Lovers Unite online book club! STILL plenty of time to join if you haven’t read The Comfort of Lies!   Week 2 Questions: 1. Should Juliette have told Nathan’s mother about the affair? 2. Tia and Juliette- completely opposite women in every regard except this: They love (and have […]

Author Spotlight: Colette Freedman

Colette Freedman, author of The Affair, stopped by Traveling With T to talk about her #literarycrush, #literaryconfessions, favorite books and more. Author Spotlight: Colette Freedman Colette, when you are not writing- what do you like to do with your time? I love to cycle and am currently training for a triathlon, though I’m a bit […]

Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray

Would you or wouldn’t you? That is the question that is asked in Never Say Never. It’s an interesting question because most people have very definite views on cheating. However, Victoria Christopher Murray takes this question and runs with it. She writes a story- told from the viewpoints of Miriam and Emily- and writes a […]

Thursday Mashup

It’s a lot of reading lists popping up, some e-books on sale, and some reviews…. It’s Mashup style!   Summer Reading Lists 3, count them 3, reading lists have popped up the last few days- and have mercy- they all have some great sounding books (and none of them are mentioning the same books! So […]


Meeting Ashton Lee- The Cherry Cola Book Club book signing

The Cherry Cola Book Club– I first heard of this book thanks to Andrea at Great Thoughts– Kensington Publishing was being super kind and furnished her some giveaway copies during a #gr8books chat about another Kensington book, The Affair by Collete Freedman. Anyway- from the moment I saw this bright, fun, and cheery cover- I […]

Wednesday Mashup…

Got A LOT to catch up on! Read on for articles you need to be reading, giveaways you should be entering, and more! Articles You Should Be Reading: 1.Dana Bate, author of The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs, has this to say about writing: Find Your Voice. It’s an article that asipring writers […]

Literary Friday ya’ll…

Friday. Pretty spring day. I’ve been enjoying my morning coffee while watching these 2 small brown birds make a nest near the breakfast nook area.  It’s a good day. 1. Deep South Mag and their #literaryfriday: A honor for Square Books, news about The Great Gatsby movie, and much more. 2. #giveaways: Luxury Reading is giving […]