Meeting Cassandra King, author of Moonrise

me and cassandra king

Cassandra King visited TurnRow books on 9/19/13 as part of her MOONRISE tour.

A  crowd sat awaiting Cassandra King to begin reading from her latest book, Moonrise. The air had a lively feel as ladies discussed new books, favorite books and Cassandra King as the sipped complimentary wine. Sounds of laughter and acquaintances being made floated down from the 2nd floor of TurnRow to the lower level- potentially even down Howard Street.

The new novel, Moonrise, is drawing favorable comparison to Daphne Du Maurier’s classic, Rebecca. Although Cassandra King is quick to point out that Moonrise is not a re-telling of Rebecca; it did have an influence on Moonrise. Cassandra wanted to set a book in the Highlands, North Carolina area and tells of how important a setting is to writing. Moonrise is told from 3 different viewpoints- and 1 viewpoint needed to be a friend of Rosalyn’s (the first wife who has passed away). When questioned as to why she chose the name Rosalyn, Cassandra told the crowd that she had always liked the name and had a aunt with the name.

Sitting in the crowd, listening to Cassandra King read from the 3 different viewpoints of Moonrise was a treat!

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