Wednesday’s List…

Some days my head is just filled with all kinds of interesting things to talk and blog about- some days a list is about all I can come up with.

Here goes:

1. Pinterest is annoying me lately- I can’t seem to get my pins to show up on facebook. Bothering me!

2. I’m reading Sweet Valley Confidential- so far I’m liking it.

3. I like to use words in cute ways- so I have “literary crushes”- right now- Peeta is still my most favorite “literary crush”

4. I have less than a 100 pages left in The River Witch. It’s been a great story, thus far and I’m already jotting notes and getting ready for a blog post.

5. I tend to read 2 books at the same time- usually one humorous and one more serious. So they don’t overlap in my mind.

6. While I’m not a good cook, I think my collection of cook books is growing. I’m most happy with my newest addition- Miss Mississippi Cooks. It’s pretty, pink AND has a tiara on it- what more could a girl ask for?

7. On the being a non-good cook note, I have a recipe for shrimp and grits that I’m dying to try AND a chocolate pie. I’m looking for the perfect “let’s cook this right” music for my Ipod!

8. If you haven’t checked out Deep South Magazine’s Summer Reading List– seriously, you need to! Chock full of goodies!

9. Books on the Nightstand podcast recorded live at #BooktopiaMS (if you’re a Twitter fanatic- check out the hashtag- some of us were tweeting up a storm!)

10. Already looking forward to #fridayreads- I’ve got a pile of books that need to be read- narrowing down the choices now! Seriously, this is what happens when you love books so much- you have to start piling them up and deciding days ahead what book will get the honor of #fridayreads!

11. Speaking of #fridayreads- I think it should be Everyday Reads, but #fridayreads is much cuter.



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